About Nancy and More

Nancy Virden is a Mental Health Advocate, blogger and author, and Founder of Always the Fight Ministries. Her writing and public sharing display compassion for those fighting mental illness or abuse. 

Depression, suicide, anxiety, and abuse are mental and behavioral health issues to which Nancy brings positive and revealing inspiration. A survivor herself, she offers unique insights and hope as only one who has been there can. 

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Presentations For Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Groups, Retreats, Pulpit-fill, and you name it…!

Help Hurting People Without Hurting Yourself . This  3-part teaching provides practical information for supports of loved ones with depression. (comes with optional break-away group discussion materials)

God Rebuilds On Our Ruins.  This 4-part presentation focuses on the power and compassion of God in our suffering. An alternative 5th part is a study on Psalm 73, If God is Good, Why Do People Suffer? (both come with optional break-away group discussion materials)

Get Out from Over Your Head.  This 5-part series takes a practical, instantly applicable  look at the value of meaningful relationships and how to create a life balance that keeps love at the forefront. (comes with worksheets that will be used during the presentation.)

1-part sharing opportunities are geared for YOUR specific needs. These may include:

Nancy’s Story;      Gain and Maintain a Mindset of Hope;     Find Wise Counsel;      The Bible and Mental Illness;       The Magnificence of Jesus’  Love in Our Darkest Hours;      and more…                  Contact  Nancy, mention what you need

Charges for engagements are on a donation-only basis with the exception of the cost of materials, and travel costs (including hotel and food if necessary.)