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Treatment  – Information on Hotlines, Counseling Services, or TREATMENT OPTIONS in your state.   How to Find a Good Drug Treatment Program and Avoid Bad Ones    Timberline Knolls – A private residential treatment center for women struggling with co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, addiction, mood disorders, trauma, and PTSD. – Milestones In Recovery Treatment Center offers an opportunity to learn and practice skills necessary to begin and maintain eating disorder recover.    Connecting those who are struggling, and their loved ones, to the best treatment for them all over the U.S.  (Florida) 

Substance Use

1-800-662-HELP (1-800-662-4357)   Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Helpline (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)    NIH- National Institute on Drug Abuse. Advancing Addiction Science     Substance Use Assessments – Am I Addicted?   Alcoholics Anonymous   An alcohol specific treatment page from Alcohol Rehab Guide.  Provides comprehensive, reliable information on the various aspects of alcohol abuse.  Also offers support.    Narcotics Anonymous     In Your Own Words – Heroin and Opioid Addiction Stories 

Food Addiction/Eating Disorders   Quiz- do you need to consider food addiction treatment?  Science and facts about food addiction audio resource for some of the best inspiration you will ever hear on the subject of compulsive overeating. Go to the Special Editions tab and start listening!   Overeaters Anonymous (National Eating Disorders Association)

C’mon, No One Can Actually Be Addicted to Food, Right?

This Is Your Brain On Drugs. Any Questions? 

Co-Occurring Disorders

(Addiction and Mental Illness Combined)    People with co-occurring disorders, also referred to as dual diagnosis… require an integrated treatment plan that targets both illnesses at once.    Dual Recovery Anonymous 

Addiction and Recovery General   Addiction information.  “Change is possible”  The Recovery Radio Network brings you twelve step speakers and workshops designed for recovering individuals and the people who support them.  A Christian Recovery Program  Sexaholics Anonymous     Gamblers Anonymous      Self-Mutilators Anonymous     Debtors Anonymous

Personal Responsibility Despite Addiction

1-2-3 And POW! Your Addiction Is Gone

Disease or Addiction? A Somewhat Religious POV