About Always The Fight Ministries

About Always The Fight Ministries


In January 2011, at a white desk in a tight room on the behavioral health (psychiatric) ward of a hospital outside Philadelphia, Always the Fight Ministries was born. No one knew of it then, not even the woman writing furiously in a journal offered to her by a psychiatrist.

Words on those pages were not to be seen by anyone else, let alone become a published book. Yet over the course of a year, Called to Live: A Chronicle of Recovery After Attempted Suicide, became the opening statement for a longer term advocacy work.

Nancy Virden’s first opportunity to launch the seminar How to Help People Who Hurt Without Hurting Yourself  came one year after her hospitalization. Since then, public sharing of her story has included dozens of podcast and radio interviews, contributions to online and traditionally published magazines, and multiple appearances in churches, schools, and other venues.

Always the Fight Ministries found its official name in February 2016. The focus is two-fold.

25285772 young woman consoles senior adult female(1) To encourage people in supportive roles:

  • Sharing insights into what to do and say or not do and say when loved ones struggle with Depression
  • Teaching congregations and church leaders how to love in practical ways without becoming overwhelmed
  • Offering information on a number of mental and social health related topics (see list under the About tab)

Insomnia(2) To offer hope to people who struggle with Depression or addiction by:

  • Nancy telling her story of recovery 
  • Sharing strategies that work 
  • Offering Christian faith-based hope

Key elements of Always the Fight Ministries that help to meet these aims are the sharing Nancy’s story and other public speaking, AlwaysTheFight.com, the CompassionateLove Blog, and Nancy’s three books.

At present there is a need for volunteer teamwork.

 Contact Nancy at NancyVirden.hope@gmail.com