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♦ My Story – Recovery from Major Depression and Attempted Suicide

♦How to Help Hurting People Without Hurting Yourself  (3 part half-day seminar)

  • Depression and the Funny Mirror – What does a depressed person need? 
  • Yes Always Means No – Boundaries protect you and the ones you care about.
  • Live Well to Love Well – Ah, practical and doable ideas that make a difference.  




  • That Word Again? What is Abuse, Anyway?
  • Emotional Abuse and Christian Marriages
  • Is Watching Porn Emotional Abuse?  (How it Affects You and Those You Love)

Compulsive Behavior

  • After the “I Should.” Let’s Get Honest About Losing Weight 

Depression and Suicide

  • Unveiling the Mysteries of Major Depression 
  • Suicide Prevention for Churches and Families


  • Eternal Hope 


  • God Does Not Waste Pain On Us: Suffering’s Purpose
  • There is No Greater Passion! Discover God’s Love for You
  • But Isn’t Depression a Spiritual Problem?

Renewing the Mind

  • Gain and Maintain a Mindset of Hope 
  • Secrets of the Soul:  You Can Change Direction
  • How to (Finally!) Forgive and Let Go of the Past


  • Not Selfish: Meeting Your Needs First Honors God, Others, and You
  • It’s Ok to Honor You: Learn to Celebrate Your Priceless Value

Supportive Relationships

  • You Can Successfully Draw Boundaries (You Matter Too)
  • My Depressed Loved One Can’t Get Out of Bed. What Am I to Say? 
  • Are Your Best Intentions Backfiring? Concern or Control: The Subtle Difference


  • How to Find Mental Health Treatment that Works